Growing up both of my parents were health-conscious and taught me at a young age how empowering it is to feed your body nutritiously. I was the health nut in school, eating peppers and carrots for snack and happily sharing with my peers. I composed my first health newsletter in 3rd grade and haven't stopped since. In college, I decided to turn my life-long hobby into a career and went on to receive a masters in applied physiology and nutrition and become a registered dietitian nutritionist. I enjoy making nutrition education more accessible to others, as well as helping them discover their unique intrinsic motivation for making healthier choices. As a certified yoga instructor and certified Pilates mat instructor, I am passionate about helping people attain greater levels of fitness, strength, and confidence. 

I began my dietetic career working in a pediatric outpatient clinic counseling children and their families on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. When I became a mom two years ago, I learned first hand the importance of nutrition and self-care for moms. And this past year my toddler daughter and I delved into the joy of cooking and baking together. 


I provide in-person and virtual nutrition and lifestyle coaching to women and families with a focus on mindfulness and a whole-person approach. I customize my sessions with clients to meet their unique needs.


I am passionate about helping people lead happier, healthier lives. 

I look forward to speaking with you and addressing your nutrition and wellness concerns!

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