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Gila Daman, MS, RDN, LD, CDCES

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Columbia University, I am passionate about guiding individuals through their nutrition journeys, both individually and in group settings. With twelve years of experience, I’m committed to providing empathetic and welcoming coaching, which ensures that each client feels supported on their path to better health. Nutrition counseling services include meal planning as well as mindful eating and other mindfulness practices, which I have implemented as a certified yoga instructor.


Expertise Grounded in Research

Drawing from my comprehensive experience and credentials, I blend the art and science of nutrition counseling. Guided by the transtheoretical model (stages of change) and the power of motivational interviewing, I collaborate with clients to uncover their unique motivations for embracing healthier choices. Together, we establish realistic, achievable goals—SMART goals that pave the way to a healthier lifestyle. Regular follow-ups allow us to celebrate successes, address obstacles, and fine-tune objectives as needed.


Empowering Transformation

Beyond personalized goal setting, my approach delves into the psychology of eating. I equip clients with profound insights and practical tools to navigate toward a healthier life without struggle or deprivation. Empowerment is key—I provide the knowledge and tools to help you make informed food decisions, shop wisely, optimize meal planning, and confidently navigate social occasions where food takes center stage. Never worry about how to navigate special events or holiday gatherings again.


Beyond the Consultation Room

My commitment extends beyond individual consultations. I've conducted enlightening nutrition and wellness workshops, impacting diverse audiences. From empowering weight management insights to leading captivating cooking demonstrations at community centers, farmers' markets, and corporate venues, my mission is to spread the essence of core nutrition principles that endure for years.


Experience the Journey

You deserve a guide on your wellness journey who blends empathy, expertise, and empowerment. Let's connect and set you on a transformative path toward embracing healthier choices that resonate for a lifetime.

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