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"Gila Daman is such a warm and approachable dietitian. She took the time to listen to my concerns and she really looked at my situation and carved me out a unique and thoughtful plan. I felt like I was being heard and understood. I can tell she knows a lot about nutrition and she helped me realize that there is so much that the average person (like me) still needs to learn. She helped me be so much more mindful of what I put in my mouth and how I nourish my family. Thank you Gila for your kind, gentle, and knowledgeable approach to assisting me in my health goals."


"Gila is energetic and upbeat. She creates a relaxed, supportive atmosphere for open discussion of needs and challenges. She has a positive, personalized approach. She invested time up-front to understand my goals, current challenges, and food preferences. Gila provides nutritionally sound and practical guidance to achieve weight loss goals at a reasonable, sustainable pace. She solicits questions and provides information to help me understand options and make the best food choices for me."


"Gila develops individualized meal plans based on foods I typically cook and serve at home. She makes helpful adjustments to meal plans based on my experience and feedback. She is always punctual for scheduled sessions and confirms schedule in advance of each meeting date. She promptly follows up each session with helpful notes and recommendations in email."


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