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"Gila Daman is such a warm and approachable dietitian. She took the time to listen to my concerns and she really looked at my situation and carved me out a unique and thoughtful plan. I felt like I was being heard and understood. I can tell she knows a lot about nutrition and she helped me realize that there is so much that the average person (like me) still needs to learn. She helped me be so much more mindful of what I put in my mouth and how I nourish my family. Thank you Gila for your kind, gentle, and knowledgeable approach to assisting me in my health goals."


"Gila is energetic and upbeat. She creates a relaxed, supportive atmosphere for open discussion of needs and challenges. She has a positive, personalized approach. She invested time up-front to understand my goals, current challenges, and food preferences. Gila provides nutritionally sound and practical guidance to achieve weight loss goals at a reasonable, sustainable pace. She solicits questions and provides information to help me understand options and make the best food choices for me."


"Gila helped me explore my attitudes towards specific foods as well as how to shift my views on grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cooking. Having a staple grocery list ready to use when I don’t want to add much thought puts me at ease as I know I enjoy such food and can make a variety of meals. Feeding myself is another struggle I face bc I often lack the motivation to do so and most often forget —talking this through with gila in an open and non judgmental manner helped me a lot. The strategies I’ve walked away with are great tools for me in ensuring I meet my nutrition goals during busy seasons of the year. Gila is also very supportive In this process of habitual change surrounding food. She is open and non-judgmental. I highly recommend working with her to better gain a nutrition compass that is a good fit for oneself. The sessions I have with her are specific to my needs and current lifestyle and reasoning about food itself and the environment. I hope to continue working with her as I continue to become self-assured in knowing how to work around my struggles in meeting my nutritional goals.


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