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You Are What You Wear

I used to joke, well, actually, I was serious, that my career goal was to be able to wear leggings to work. That was because I wanted to be a fitness instructor since I was 10 years old.

Well, fast forward 20 years later, and here I am wearing leggings on a daily basis! Many times it is under a skirt or dress – at my more formal dietitian job- but I am only a few steps of garment removal away from turning my lunch break into a yoga break!

In the past couple of weeks I have been striving to exercise more – whether that means pushing myself to go for a jog even if it’s not as warm/sunny as I’d like, or dancing to my fave Top 40 hits instead of watching yet another episode of Gilmore Girls. (I am only up to episode 6 of season 1 – I could have gotten farther, but my body is healthier for it!)

When I came home after work and did a kick-ass dance session earlier this week, I felt awesome! The next day, I happened to have a doctor’s appointment, so I maintained my joy of fitness and commitment to a more toned bod by wearing a sports bra. This morning I woke up for a typical day of work and I decided to wear a sports bra again. Wearing a sports bra makes me feel fit. It reminds my body of its desire to be toned.

Exercising more while cutting back on carbs is damn hard. They say if you envision your goal and remind yourself of it, it makes it easier. Yesterday I took it one step further and reminded myself through tactile/sensory memory - aka haptic memory of the cutaneous type (i.e. skin).

My body was dressed for fitness, and my mind was gearing up as well!

What type of motivational reminder/s can you have to be your fittest self?

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