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Tips for Moderating Purim Candy Consumption

As the mishloach manot (Purim baskets) are rolling in, here are some ideas for how to keep candy consumption under control:

  1. Allow your kids to choose their favorite candies to keep, and have them swap the rest for a gift or gift card.

  2. After the first day, gather all the candy into a bucket and ration it such that each kid gets a piece or two of candy a day for about a week. You can even try sneaking some of it out as the week goes on, to use it up sooner.

  3. Donate your candy to nursing homes, assisted living centers or food pantries. You can also give it out at work the next day.

  4. Save it for craft projects, like gingerbread houses, science experiments or to fill a piñata.

  5. Put it in a far-away kitchen cabinet and forget about it until next Halloween/Purim, when you can use it.

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