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Not Your Ordinary Deli

This afternoon I discovered a health-conscious restaurant called “Jason’s Deli." When I opened the menu and saw a section on top entitled, "Meatless Eats," I realized I was not in your ordinary deli. I spoke with one of the managers and asked him how a restaurant with a name like “Jason’s Deli,” got to be so nutrition-oriented. I enjoyed the salad I ate there, but even more than that, I enjoyed the story he told me.

One of the founders of Jason’s Deli, Rusty Coco, was very passionate about nutrition. Jason’s Deli went trans-fat free, even before the trend began. They try to buy organic whenever they can within their budget. There is no high fructose corn syrup or dyes in their foods. They also do not prepare their food with processed MSG. Did I mention there is a large salad bar prominently featured in the middle of the restaurant?

Rusty was not only passionate about making his food healthy for customers, he also cared about the health and knowledge of his employees. He had them read nutrition books, and also provided them with wellness programs to help them with their own personal health.

Originally founded in 1976 in Beaumont, Texas, Jason’s Deli is located nationwide with several locations in Atlanta, including Buckhead and Midtown.

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