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Breakfast Burrito Time!: Protein-Packed Breakfasts

As things start to open back up, the pace of life may be quickening and things may tend toward hectic. As we go from working remotely to returning to the office, meal planning is going to be at front and center. It is important to remain energized and nourished through this transition and always.

As much as I enjoy my bowl of bran flakes and milk in the morning, it doesn't keep me full for long—and that's with the 1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed and cut-up strawberries! A cereal and milk breakfast is lacking in protein as well as healthy fats.

This week my family's schedule is getting busier as I drop my daughter off at camp and head to work. That means that it's breakfast burrito time! My go-to breakfast burrito consists of scrambling eggs, placing them in a quesadilla, which is being lightly toasted in a pan with olive oil, and sprinkling some cheese on top.

Other high-protein breakfast options include:

Wishing everyone body and soul nourishment during this transition. And praying that people stay healthy and society keeps opening up.


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