Mindful Eating is a P.I.E.C.E of Cake

Did you know that the first 3-5 bites of eating cake give the greatest satisfaction? The later bites taste good too, but not in the same way. That is why mindful eating recommends that we SAVOR a slice of cake (or pie!) when we eat it. Instead of rushing through it due to multi-tasking or eating fast due to feeling guilty that you are eating this luscious treat, if one slows down and enjoys their cake, they will experience more pleasure from eating it as well as feel more satisfied/nourished.

P.I.E.C.E is also an acronym for the five branches of mindful eating:

P= Plan Ahead

I= Informed Consumer

E= Environment Awareness

C= Center Yourself

E= Eat for Hunger (not Emotions)

Through meal planning, becoming an informed consumer, being aware of your food environment (what's in your pantry, how big is your plate/portion?), practicing self-care and relaxation techniques, and tuning into hunger signals—mindful eating is a P.I.E.C.E of cake!

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